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    WM-IoT smart gas remote meter reading system
    This system uses WM-IoT wireless low-power self-organizing network communication technology, integrated design, install wireless metering control on the heating hot water inlet branch。。。
    WM-IoT Wireless Grid IoT Network
    WM-IoT(Wireless eMsh ntIernet fo hiTngs) It is an ultra-low power wireless self-organizing MESH network technology that can serve as the core network of wireless sensor ...
    On-off time area measuring system
    The system adopts WM-IoT wireless low-power self-organizing network communication technology, integrated design, and installs wireless metering control on the heating hot water inlet branch pipe....
    Industrial and commercial large user remote monitoring system solution
    The system is mainly to solve the automatic remote monitoring system of remote data collection, monitoring and automatic meter reading of gas users. The system consists of three parts: main station system, remote data acquisition equipment and flow meter. It can accurately and timely control the network. Data such as pressure, temperature, instantaneous flow, accumulated gas consumption, and equipment operating status are collected and sent to the main station management center, and various statistical reports are automatically generated for the gas company to dynamically monitor the on-site instrument and dispatch the gas source to meet various requirements. The various requirements of the gas company, with the existing metering equipment to achieve the transmission and distribution network SCADA system, the system has the advantages of simple construction and commissioning and low cost. System Features Real-time monitoring data: cumulative gas consumption, instantaneous flow, temperature, pressure, battery power, operating status, etc. Remote automatic meter reading: compatible with various brands of flow meters and membrane meters, meter reading cycle can be set A variety of power supply methods: can support the city, solar, lithium batteries, etc. Remote valve control: remotely monitors the valve switch, which can be used to remotely open and close the valve through the system. A variety of communication methods: compatible bus, wireless ad hoc network communication mode, simple construction and debugging Film table modification: easily changed into wireless remote transmission smart watch by camera direct reading wireless meter reading device
    Integrated measurement and safety monitoring system solutions
    For the network characteristics of WM-IoT, the WM-IoT low-power wireless ad hoc network of gas meter collection is used as the backbone network, and can be used for some other.
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